We all love sports games right? We all love to enjoy thrill and adrenaline in action-based online games and we all love challenges and obstacles. This is why today I have decided to stop my focus on the latest bike game called Moto X3M.

This is a pretty decent game with awesome graphics, cool stunts, and enjoyable maps as well. The game offers various challenges, timed objectives and bonus points for every completed stunt. It is important to note that mistakes in the game are punishable, if you will fall on your back you start your game from the beginning.

Moto X3MHow to play:
This is a bike game, your main objective here is to overcome all the obstacles and reach the finish line. Along the way you will have an opportunity to perform various stunts, each stunt grants you additional points. The amount of the points in the game is based on performed stunts (as well as on difficulty level of the stunts), on the time which took you to complete a level and on the mistakes which you have made (no mistakes will give you additional scores).

One more important thing is to avoid making mistakes, mistakes include falling on the back, crushing in obstacles, jumping on explosives, etc. You must avoid damage do your character, otherwise, you will have to start the level all over again until you will reach the finish line safely.

Move your bike with arrow keys or with WASD buttons.

W or Up Arrow keys – accelerate
A or Left Arrow button – lean back
D or right arrow button – lean front
S or Down Arrow button – break

Space bar – start level from the beginning (use it in case of crash)

Unlike other dull bike games out there Moto X3M is full of creative and interactive traps, there are various objects such as: spinning blades, explosives, giant chopping machines, etc. You will have to demonstrate your gaming skills in order to reach the finish line alive.

Watch your step carefully, there are hidden traps in the game as well and there are hidden paths as well which can help you to reach the finish line fast, thus granting you more points.

The main reward in the game is stars, completing a level with perfect time? You get the star, performing crazy stunts? You get another star and it goes on and on until you will collect enough starts to buy better bikes.

We will talk about other bikes below.

Rewards for new gear:
So we already know that game grants you different stars, we already know that these stars are given to us for completing levels with a perfect score, but do we know what can we use these stars on?

This is one of my favorite features of the game, the possibility to buy new gear and in the end, an option to unlock Ghost Rider, sounds cool right?

Make sure that you complete all of the challenges in the game, make sure that you reach the finish line as fast as possible and earn stars. Later on, you can purchase new cool looking bikes in a bike shop (last upgrade Ghost Rider costs 40 stars, it is not cheap at all but it is worth every penny).

Each level is the game is unique and different, there are in total 25 different levels in the game, each level is different, each level has specific obstacles and unique landscape.

As always difficulty increases as you reach higher levels, but the same way increases reward as well and thrill. If you are a fan of challenging games you will appreciate this difficulty for sure.

This game on the phone:
Nowadays every PC game has a mobile version as well, Moto X3M is no different. In order to find a suitable app for your OS check download links below.

Oh, by the way, guys, the game allows you to change your bike after every completed level. If you have enough points you can instantly change your character, just make sure that you have enough stars.

If you are still confused about the game, if you want to get pro tips and if you are just a fan of watching gameplay videos check our video guide below.

I know that there are thousands of bike games out there and I know that most of them look alike, but trust me this game is unique and different. It is outstanding in terms of realistic graphics and physics, it is different in terms of unique obstacles and it is extremely challenging at higher levels.

Play it online with us, leave your comments below and share you experience with us.